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For those who understand a little about the cuisine and culture of Bahia, know that tapioca is a darling of the Baianos and that, over time, it has fallen into popular taste in all Brazilian regions.

Versatile and tasty, the delicacy made from a substance extracted from cassava, which can have a sweet or salty filling, has also gained notoriety in the United States.

One of the main responsible for this expansion of tapioca in the American market is the businesswoman Veronica Oliveira. Founder of the brand “Tapioca da Baiana”

In 2010, the businesswoman decided to literally put her hands on it and “roll up her sleeves”, introducing the local Brazilian community to fully handmade tapioca gum, which she learned to make with her mother and grandmother.

The success was so great that in 2015 Veronica and her husband Adriano invested the couple’s financial resources in the purchase of a restaurant, “BR Takeout”, located in the city of Framingham (MA), whose menu is totally focused on Brazilian cuisine, and of course the tapioca could not be missing from the menu. “The idea of ​​opening a restaurant came up in 2014, with the aim of focusing on selling tapioca as extra income.

Tapioca da Baiana (registered trademark) was born before our restaurant. The dream already existed, but Jesus brought fulfillment and growth ”, recalls the businesswoman.

With the brand consolidated in the market and the restaurant very successful, today the business couple is a successful reference for the Brazilian community when it comes to entrepreneurship.

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